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      FPSO Conversion and Newbuilding


      The vessel is specially designed 2,000,000 barrels storage Floating, Production,Storage and Offshore Unit, for later Topside Processing plant outfitting by Owner according to specific project requirement. 

      Main Dimension:

      Length O.A. :   333.00 m    Length P.P. :    320.00 m

      Breadth dwl :     60.00 m     Depth:    30.50m

      Scantling draught:  22.50m

      Cargo Capacity 358,000m³   


      Essential diesel generator:   3x1800kW        Emergency diesel generator:  1x1800kW

      Accommodation capacity  140 persons

      Mooring system:  Cost-effective spread mooring system

      Cargo system: 3 cargo main lines, double lines per tank

      Interfaced Topside weight:  2500 tons

      Class Notation

      ABS: Statement of Compliance (SOC) to indicate that the vessels design and construction are in compliance with the CSR requirements and suitable for FPSO conversion.

      Deadweight:  At Scantling Draft   abt. 280,000 tons

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