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      Polar Class Heavy Transport Deck Carrier Vessel


      The vessel is a modern polar class heavy transport deck carrier vessel for worldwide operations. The vessel is of ice class PC-3, a large unobstructed open aft deck for deck cargo, fore castle and accommodation deckhouse forward. The advanced electric motor driven system is equipped on the vessel. 

      Main Dimension:

      Length O.A. :   206.30 m     Length P.P. :    193.8 m

      Breadth dwl :     43.0 m      Depth:    13.5 m

      Draught dwl : 7.5 m       Scantling draught:  8.00m

      Main Engine

      Main diesel generators:   2x6600kW    2x8800

      Emergency generator:    1x800kW

      Propulsion System

      Main propulsion :  2x12000kW       Bow tunnel thruster :     1x1000KW

      Ice Class:  PC-3     Speed:   14.0knots

      Deck Cargo at design draft:    Min 21800t

      Cargo Deck 174m x 43m

      Class Notation

      DNV:+1A1,General Cargo Carrier, DK(+),PC-3, E0,NAUT-AW,CLEAN,BWM-T,BIS,TMON

      Deadweight:   28500 tons

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