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      The 49,700 DWT product oil tanker No. 1 delivered


      On December 8, Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd. (GSI), the subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), named and delivered the 49,700 DWT product oil tanker No. 1 built for Nanjing Tank Corporation. The ship is another "GSI’s Type" boutique oil tanker jointly built by both parties based on the new development pattern and practicing the new development concept. Although the ship encountered the COVID-19 during its construction, GSI still completed the structure with a 73-day terminal cycle, setting its record for the shortest terminal cycle in the year.
      The "Yong’an" ship is 183 meters long, 32 meters wide, 18.3 meters deep, and has a design draft of 11 meters. It is an MR-type oil tanker "tailored" by GSI according to the business and management needs of Nanjing Tank Corporation. It has strong cargo suitability. Its low energy consumption is another intelligent, environmentally friendly, and bright performance "GSI's Type" tanker.
      The primary and auxiliary engines of this ship are equipped with denitration devices, which are more environmentally friendly. The main generator and oil separator rooms have eliminated the unit frame, which is more elegant in layout and easier to construct and operate. Simultaneously, the ship is also the first ship of GSI to obtain the “Digital AL2 Perform Secure” classification mark of British Lloyd’s Register of Shipping. It will provide a basis for decision-making.

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