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      CSSC issues High-Quality Development Strategy Outline


      On June, 1st, CSSC held its first strategic working meeting and officially released the Outline of High-quality Development Strategy for CSSC ( hereinafter referred to as “Strategy Outline”). The Party Secretary and chairman of CSSC, Lei Fanpei attented the meeting and delivered a speech titled “Important instructions of President Xi Jinping to Lead the Construction of a World-Class Shipbuilding Group.”. Deputy secretary of the Party Group and general manager, Yang Jincheng hosted the meeting and communicated important instructions from central leaders, relevant ministries, and commissions. Qian Jianping, the Vice-general manager, along with external directors and other members of the Party Group attented the meeting, and he also preached the “Strategy Outline”.
      The “Strategy Outline” includes five parts, which are “Guiding thoughts and development strategies”, “Enterprise Mission and strategic goals”, “Industrial direction and control mode”, “Strategic measures” and “Organization and implementation”. “The Strategy Outline” puts forward that CSSC’s mission is to lead the development of the shipbuilding industry, support national defense construction, and serve our national strategy. The industry direction is on marine defense equipment industry, ship offshore equipment industry, technology application industry, and vessel sea service. The strategy goal is to develop a world-class shipbuilding group with reasonable industrial structure, leading quality and efficiency, outstanding military core, and competitive international advantage.
      The meeting demonstrated that the important instructions of President Xi Jinping have pointed out our development direction, and establish the goals and main tasks of CSSC. And all those instructions have become our fundamental compliance and action guidelines for building a world-class shipbuilding group. The chief cadres and employees of CSSC should thoroughly implement the spirt of President, Xi Jinping’s important instructions. With a high degree of political consciousness and strong political responsibility, people of CSSC should strengthen the “four consciousnesses”, firm the “four self-confidence”, and resolutely achieve “two maintenances”. The important instructions of President Xi’s spirts should be consciously transferred to the whole process of building a world-class shipbuilding group. And in all aspects, it’s critical to ensure that CSSC would always advance in the direction of President Xi’s guidelines.
      The meeting emphasized that a profound understanding and accurate grasp of the situation that we’re facing are important foundations and prerequisites for planning and advancing the construction of a world-class shipbuilding group. We must soberly recognize the macro scale and deeply understand the development trend of marine economy. We also acknowledge that it’s critical to correctly grasp the industry development trend of the group company and continually strengthen the scale of strategic co-ordination to promote the transformation and development of the group company. We should make efforts to enhance the initiative and effectiveness of active response and promote the main industry development and growth. It’s necessary to identify the main problems and shortcomings, and then deeply study how to solve those problems. It’s also important to find out the gap between our company and the world-class companies. We are determined to accelerate the speed of solving problems and strengthen the weaknesses, which in order to build a solid foundation for constructing the world-class shipbuilding group.
      The meeting emphasized that we must profoundly understand the core requirements of the “Strategy Outline” and effectively advance the implementation of the “Strategy Outline”. All departments and member units of the CSSC should carefully study and thoroughly understand the connotation and the essence of the “Strategy Outline”, so that the “Strategy Outline” becomes the program and action guidelines for the unified thinking of our company. We should also unite people, stimulate our spirits and guide development directions. It’s necessary to study those relevant strategic plans and formulate proper plans according to the business areas of various departments and actual development of unit. We should combine other departements and coordinate the implementations. We should also focus on the long-term goals and work hard at present. We should firmly cultivate the idea of “tight days”, and strive to complete the goals of this year, which is in oder to make a good start for the implementation of the “Strategy Outline”.
      A better blueprint is inspired and strategic plannings motivate people to move ahead. People from CSSC should be closely united around the Party Central Committee as the core of President Xi. We should seize the time to take the initiative and perseverely take the historical responsibility. We should be determined to forge ahead, and be courageous to work hard to achieve various goals of the “Strategy Outline”. We should be devoted to building a world-class shipbuilding group in an all-round way and make greater contributions to realize “ The Two Centenary Goals” and struggle for the rejuvenation of China.
      The meeting was held by video conference. The CSSC’s headquarter leaders and the Science and Technology commission deputy directors had attented this meeting. People from CSSC and other affiliated subsidiaries attended the meeting, which includes business manangers, employees, adcademicians, chief experts, discipline leaders, senior experts and specialists, the chief designers, commanders, and chief constructor of different model vessels“two generals” and model generals, members from each member unit, middle-level and above cadres, and other relevant employees.

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