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      Three vital phrases have been completed in one day


      On May 28th, Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd (GSI), which is affliliated with China State Shipbuilding Corporation Ltd (CSSC), has completed three vital tasks with Singapore IMC Group and CSSC Leasing company. Overcoming the impact of COVID-19, GSI actively implements the spirit of the “two sessions” to ensure the stability of the industrial and supply chain. The series ships of MR-chemical/ product oil tanker have been constructed in different vital phrases. No. 7 tanker was started to under construction. No. 4 has completed ship docking and No, 2 tanker has been undocked.
      The total length of serial ships is 183 meters, 35 meters in width, and 18.5 meters in depth. Its designed draft is 10.5 meters. The design meets the emission standard of Maritime Agreement Regarding Oil Pollution (MARPOL) and meets the requirement of NECA. It is a modern ship with energy saving, environment protection and high efficiency.
      This type of tanker can load 22 kinds of chemical liquid cargoes and those cargoes won’t contaminate with each other at the same time. It can meet shipowner’s personalized requirements maximumlly to load and unload cargoes. This design has greatly enlarged the selected range and has increased sensitivity. The main engine and the generator are also equipped with a desulfurization system to control pollution at the source of the exhaust gas and achieve simple and efficient desulfurization.

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