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      Working together on both fighting against the epidemic and advancing work resumption


      Under the circumstance of collaboration against the epidemic and promotion of work and production resumption, GSI, the subsidiary company of CSSC, efforts to one of the major projects, which is the Algeria ro-ro passenger vessel. Our company broke down every construction nodes with irresistible force.
      Following the successful completion of pull the light on March 9th, the vessel completed the main engine shafting on March 21st. It has taken another solid step towards the goal of the ship undocking before the end of March.
      It is reported that the single stern shaft of Algeria ro-ro/passenger vessel is 21 meters and it weighs about 64 tons with propellers. It needs to be installed through a bearing with an assembly gap of only 0.8 to 0.9 mm, and its fineness is comparable to thread a needle with a golden cudgel (a weapon used by the Monkey King in the novel Pilgrimage to the West). In order to complete the important task, the shipowner supervision team arranged two engineers to monitor shaft penetration in real-time. In the process of shaft penetration, the underwater engineering operation team made constant adjustments using tooling equipment, and finally realized to lead the bearing go through the gap.
      At present, the underwater engineering team is working hard to install the rudder system and fix the shaft system. In order to ensure the last hurdle before undocking, the relevant reference unit is arranging the operation time reasonably, making full use of on-site resources, and going all out to advance the production schedule.

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