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      GSI organized mobilization meeting to keep up the original goal


      As the spring equinox arrived, it’s getting warmer, and the days are getting longer and brighter. It is a great time to produce at full capacity and speed. The people of the whole nation are suffering from COVID-19. To win the fight against the epidemic as well as the research and production battle, GSI, the subsidiary company of CSSC, held the opening ceremony of a series of corporate culture activities named as “Forging to a New Journey and Sailing to the New Era”. It aimed at ensuring year-round tasks.
      Chen Zhongqian, the chairman of GSI, made a speech. First of all, he mobilized that we should effectively grasp the implementation of various measures for epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production and work. We should firmly take active actions to prevent and control the epidemic and win the fight against the battle in science and research. Second, we should effectively strengthen employee safety education and on-site inspection and supervision, implement safety production measures, and ensure production safety. Third, we should improve ideological awareness and self-consciousness. And we should strictly follow the new node of Production Line Table to arrange producing tasks. Fourth, we should also persevere to do build a system of construction. and firmly establish the concept of the system as supremacy. Fifth, each of us should attach importance to the task and mobilize everyone to work on it. And we should resolutely promote the construction of green factories. Sixth, we should continue to do a good job of improving quality and efficiency, improving efficiency and lowering costs. Meanwhile, we should resolutely promote the work of the fixation of posts and staff, and continuously improve the income level of employees. Seventh, we would like to strengthen advocation to improve our awareness and promote advanced technics. For getting over difficulties, we cheer up for our team. Finally, we must deeply grasp the work deployment and implement it, fix the requirements of the annual work goals and tasks unchanged, and ensure the completion of the annual goals and tasks.
      Chen Ji, general manager of GSI, declared that t the series of corporate culture activities of GSI in 2020 was opened. He and Chen Zhongqian lighted up the starter together.
      This ceremony was held by Zhang Qinghuan, deputy secretary of GSI Party Committee. Representatives of the major business departments of Guangzhou Shipbuilding International made statements.

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