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      The VISTA 75,000 DWT Chemical/Product Oil Tanker No.4 Was Named and Delivered in 43 Days Advanced.


      On October 25th, the 75,000 DWT chemical/product oil tanker No.4 for VISTA built by Guangzhou Shipyard International Co. Ltd (GSI) subordinated by China State Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (CSSC) was named on October 25th.
      Mr. Soren Steenberg, the executive vice president of Hafnia, Mr. Ralph Juhl, Ms. Li Jun, the chief accountant of CSSC (HK) Shipping Co. Ltd., and other representatives from relevant parties such as DNV-GL classification society and China Ship Trade were all attended the naming ceremony. And it was hosted by Mr. Zhou Xuhui, the deputy general manager of GSI.
      On behalf of GSI, Mr. Ou Chuanjie, the deputy general manager of GSI, expressed that the 75,000 DWT chemical/product oil tanker was built as a new ship type according to shipowner’s requirements, ship route and marketing requirements. It is the crystallization of tanker design and construction experience and keen market insight accumulated by GSI for many years.
      On behalf of GSI, Mr. Ou expressed his gratitude to the supervisory group of shipowner, DNV GL classification society, CSTC, BRS and other relevant partners for their earnest efforts.
      During the speech, Mr. Soren Steenberg also expressed his gratitude to all parties who involved in the construction of the tankers.
      The tanker has a length of 228.4 meters, a width of 38 meters, a depth of 18.3 meters and a design draft of 11 meters. In the same condition of deep, shallow draught and the same fuel consumption, the new type of LRI tanker independently developed by GSI can achieve 1.6 times the load capacity and storage capacity, which can bring higher economic benefits to ship owners.
      On October 24, GSI and the shipowner signed the Delivery Documents of this tanker. In order to acknowledge those hard work of participating staff, the shipowner also specially rewarded GSI for USD 10,000.
      The naming and delivery of the 75,000 DWT chemical/product oil tanker No.4 is another victory in the GSI’s labor competition. The competition named as “The fourth Go-All-Out Season” has proposed that GSI would set off a wave of production climax in the final 120 days. During the construction of the ship, the various construction departments of GSI have worked hard and worked hard to create many extraordinary achievements.
      The 75,000 DWT chemical/product oil tanker No. 4 was undocked on June 30 and tested on September 25. The terminal cycle was 87 days (including 8 days of high temperature holidays). The project team set a goal for all the participants at the beginning of construction. The goal was to ensure the tanker trial will be conducted under 50 problems. They clearly stated that the tanker is the fourth one of the VISTA 75,000 DWT series. It is not only necessary to test the trial according to the planned node, but also to test the trial with high integrity.
      Under the well planning of the project team and the earnest efforts of the participating staff, they finally completed the deck surface painting of this tanker in 8 days, which was creating a new benchmark for the trial with only 47 problems. Meanwhile, it also maintained a record of completing the sea-trial and returning back within 5 days. This sea trial has achieved another leap after the other three tankers of the series.
      In order to further reduce the production cost, the cargo oil tank did not show any rust spots after the sea-trial, which won the shipowner's high praise for the quality of the ship construction. At the same time, the shipowner agreed that the main deck and the cabin area do not need to be painted and refurbished at the time of delivery.
      It is understood that this series has delivered 3 tankers. In term of the information reported by the previous ship owners, not only the speed is better than the design index, but also the fuel consumption and vibration indicators are better than expected. The ship owners and operating companies are satisfied with this series tankers outstanding performance.
      The ship completion agreement was signed with the shipowner on Oct. 17th, which was delivered 8 days ahead of the planned delivery period. The total terminal cycle was controlled within 109 days, and the key main construction period (dock + wharf) was controlled within 225 days. The ship was delivered earlier than the contract in 43 days advance.

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