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      Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited (GSI Co., Ltd)

      Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd (GSI), which is affiliated with China State Shipbuilding Corporation Group (CSSC), is one of the most modern and biggest shipbuilding & repairing companies in the southern part of China. Since the beginning of the establishment of "Guangnan Shipyard", it was only able to build the hundred-ton capacity ships. Up to 1954, the shipyard had been established, and GSI had the ability to build the first 10,000-ton the Southern-China vessel. GSI has witnessed the breakthrough of 300,00-ton Vessel construction in 2012. All work was started in a humble place called Longxue Base. GSI has experienced tremendous changes with a comprehensive integrated resource. In 1993, GSI has successfully listed. And GSI relocated in Nansha in 2018. Over the past years, the zero-record of China luxury ro-ro passenger vessels and semi-submersible vessels has been broken in GSI. And GSI has realized batch construction of high-tech and high value-added ships. GSI people dare to take the lead and make strong efforts to shipping industry.

      The company is located in the center of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and a national-level free trade zone, covering an area of 3.02 million square meters. The company owns a coastline of 5,200 meters for the deepwater wharf, equipped with two 400,000-ton shipyards, two 300,000-ton repairing shipyards, two 50,000-ton shipbuilding platforms, a 9,000,000-ton gantry crane, four 6,000,000-ton gantry cranes, and several intelligent production lines.

      With an annual shipbuilding capacity of 3.6 million deadweight ton and an annual repair capacity of more than 200 ships, it can provide one-stop integrated shipbuilding and repair service. GSI owns a southern China Application Industry Center planned by CSSC, which involves three major industries and four major sectors. The center covers an area of 600, 000 square meters.

      GSI is a national emerging enterprise and has a nationally recognized enterprise technology center. It has mastered the core technology in whole series liquid cargo tankers, ore carriers, passenger vessels, ro-ro passenger vessels, semi-submersible vessels, scientific expedition vessels, and high value-added vessels. The company possesses the greatest number of high cost-performance liquid cargo tankers with all series. It has developed cutting-edge technologies including ice enhancement, polar transportation, methanol, and LNG dual fuel drive. The brand is famous all over the world. It is an international leader in cutting-edge technologies such as vibration reduction, noise reduction, weight center of gravity control, safe return to port, and new energy power. The high-end ro-ro passenger vessels are distributed in the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the South China Sea, and the Bohai Sea. As the world's first shipbuilding company to build advanced semi-submersible ships, nearly one-third of the world's semi-submersible ships are built by GSI, contributing to China's power to global infrastructure construction and marine trade.

      Wenchong shipbuilding & repairing shipyard Co., Ltd, which is affiliated with GSI, is one of the top ten ship repairing companies in China that repaired external vessels. It can repair container ships container ships, liquid cargo tankers, crane vessels, ro-ro vessels, semi-submersible ships, luxury cruise ships, special vessels, and other vessels. It has strong strength in the fields of desulfurization tower installation, FPSO modification, ocean engineering vessels (OSV), scientific expedition vessels, module manufacturing, and other fields. 

      In the application industry, the company is an important supplier of mechanical equipment and steel structure products in southern China. It has successively undertaken well-known steel structure projects such as Humen Bridge and Macau Dream City. In 2018, it has successfully undertaken the steel shell manufacturing project of the Shenzhong immersed tunnel, further consolidating the market position.

      As an emerging industry of GSI, the environmental protection industry plans from a high starting point to provide customers with comprehensive solutions to environmental problems, and the development momentum is rapid.

      The accumulation and inheritance of the centuries-old vicissitudes have forged the spiritual qualities of GSI people who dare to be the first and advance together. Under the guidance of the common values of “integrity-based, innovation-guided, jointly charting a course toward a brighter future”. GSI has always grown with employees and shared development results together. 

      GSI people would forge ahead and work harder. The more people will work harder and the more dangerously. “To become the first-class enterprise with leading technology and excellent service in the global marine equipment and technology application industry” is the unswerving common pursuit of the new generation of GSI people.

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