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      Guangzhou Shipyard International Company’s core business is shipbuilding, which includes designing and constructing various 400 thousand deadweight (DWT) ships with worldwide classification society requirements. The amount of shipbuilding catches up with 3.5 million DWT. Our company masters the core technology of MR, AFRA, VLCC, VLOC ship as well as semi-submersible heavy lift ship,Ro-Ro passenger ship, polar ship, high value-added ship, naval auxiliaries and special vessel. In addition, high-size tanker reaches the international advanced level with cost performance. Our company successfully fabricated 18 thousand-ton semi-submerged ship named as all-round champion of Hercules , and the first ro-ro passenger ship with 1600 meters traffic lane and 1500 passenger seat. The high-tech research results are leading the domestic advanced level. Both of the supertanker (32 thousand DWT VLCC) and the 25 thousand tons ore carrier (VLOC) fabricated with independent R & D were well accessed to the market. Besides, we explore in other non-marine areas including huge steel structure, harbor machinery, elevator, electromechanical products and software engineering. 

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